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Tony has sailed more than 500,000 miles, crossed the Atlantic 40 times, and won over 150 trophies to become one of the world’s best known yachtsman. Tony was elected Yachtsman of the Year in 1985 for his outstanding achievements and was also voted Motivator of the Year at the Incentive World Annual Awards Dinner where he was the key speaker.


However, it was his bulldog spirit when competing in the 1997 Vendee Globe non-stop singlehanded round the world race that he is most famous for. Tony’s racing yacht capsized in the freezing and mountainous seas of the Southern Ocean, sparking the world’s longest search and rescue operation. Survival experts gave him no more than a 10% chance of surviving. But when the Royal Australian Navy finally got to his sinking yacht they were amazed to find him still alive, and people from around the world tipped there hats to Bullimore’s extraordinary ability to survive.


For five days, he sheltered in a tiny air pocket 2,500 kilometers from Australia, deep in the Southern Ocean, facing the loneliest and toughest challenge of his life.

Hypothermia, dehydration and frostbite were telling him to die, but against all the odds, his indomitable will to live kept him alive.


Tony's dramatic story of ingenuity, tenacity and survival has become an example and inspiration to many within the corporate world keen to increase personal resilience and the spirit to keep forging on to success.


A motivational and inspiring speaker, Tony Bullimore has got the message across to audiences from British Telecom, Hewlett Packard, HSBC, IBM, Jaguar, Lloyds TSB, Microsoft, Royal Bank of Scotland, Rolex, the Institute of Directors and the CBI.


"What a story of tenacity and survival – Tony is an inspiration to us all!"

Sailed more than 500,000 miles
Crossed the Atlantic 40 times
1985: Winner of the 2-man Round Britain Yacht Race Joint winner of the YJA Yachtsman of the Year
1986: Winner of the Round Europe Race
1997: Survived for 5 days in his upturned yacht in the Southern Ocean Named Motivator of the Year

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